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Florida vs. LSU: Offensive playcut video will definitely not exasperate you

The Florida offense sputtered all day against LSU. So let's watch them do it in record time!

Florida's offense did not have its best game against LSU. In fact, it probably had its worst game against the Bayou Bengals: Florida set season lows for yards, yards per play, passing yards, yards per attempt, passer rating, rushing yards, yards per carry, and third down conversion percentage against the Tigers' suddenly stout defense, and failed to score an offensive touchdown for the first time this year.

Watching the Gators muddle through that offensive — in multiple senses, according to some — performance again isn't exactly my idea of a good time, but you're going to want to do it at some point to understand what went wrong. YouTube's finest Florida fan, libgator, has you covered, with another installment of "Peasing It Together," his series of offensive playcut videos from Florida's games in the Brent Pease era.

Watch this one for how often Florida got stuffed running up the middle, how Kelvin Taylor showed great vision in picking through the LSU defense late, and how many times you can count to three Mississippi before pressure gets to Tyler Murphy on passing downs. A hint on the latter: It will not be often.


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