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Florida vs. Missouri: Kelvin Taylor makes depth chart debut for Gators

The talented true freshman makes his first appearance on Florida's depth chart, thanks to Matt Jones's season-ending injury.

Is this Florida's best backfield?
Is this Florida's best backfield?
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

One week after putting out a depth chart for their trip to LSU with no fanfare, the Florida Gators quietly released their depth chart for Missouri on Monday without mentioning it publicly. This seems weird, at least in one sense: Kelvin Taylor is on it for the first time in his Florida career, and that might merit some acknowledgement.

Other than Taylor moving on up, though, there's not a lot to discuss.

Offensive Depth Chart

Position First Team Second Team Third Team
Quarterback Tyler Murphy Skyler Morhninweg
Running back Mack Brown Kelvin Taylor
Fullback Hunter Joyer Gideon Ajagbe
X receiver Quinton Dunbar Demarcus Robinson
Z receiver Solomon Patton Ahmad Fulwood Chris Thompson
F receiver Trey Burton Latroy Pittman
Tight end Clay Burton Tevin Westbrook
Left tackle D.J. Humphries Max Garcia
Left guard Max Garcia Trip Thurman
Center Jonotthan Harrison Kyle Koehne
Right guard Jon Halapio Kyle Koehne Ian Silberman
Right tackle Tyler Moore Trenton Brown

Taylor moving up to the second string after Matt Jones's injury forced Mack Brown to the first string isn't exactly unexpected, given Taylor's fine game against LSU, but it does mean that Taylor's passed up Mark Herndon and Valdez Showers, both listed as third-stringers ahead of Taylor this fall.

There were no other changes on offense.

Defensive Depth Chart

Position First Team Second Team
End Jonathan Bullard Bryan Cox, Jr.
Nose Leon Orr Darious Cummings
Tackle Damian Jacobs Jonathan Bullard
Buck Dante Fowler, Jr. Alex McCalister
Sam Ronald Powell Darren Kitchens
Mike Antonio Morrison OR Michael Taylor
Will Michael Taylor OR Neiron Ball
RCB Loucheiz Purifoy Vernon Hargreaves III
LCB Marcus Roberson Vernon Hargreaves III
Safety Jaylen Watkins Marcus Maye
Safety Cody Riggs Jabari Gorman
Nickel Brian Poole Vernon Hargreaves III
Dime Marcus Maye Cody Riggs

No changes whatsoever on defense, for the second week in a row.

Special Teams Depth Chart

Position First Team Second Team
Kicker Austin Hardin OR Frankie Velez
Punter Johnny Townsend Kyle Christy
Kick returner Solomon Patton Loucheiz Purifoy
Punt returner Vernon Hargreaves III Marcus Roberson
Holder Kyle Crofoot Tyler Murphy
Long snapper Drew Ferris Kyle Crofoot

Here's where the big changes were made: Johnny Townsend replaces Kyle Christy at punter, and that OR looms large between Austin Hardin and Frankie Velez, though Will Muschamp bringing Velez to Baton Rouge and giving him both field goal attempts would seem to tip his hand.

Additionally, though I didn't even notice this when it happened last week, Kyle Crofoot has replaced Tyler Murphy as the first-string holder, likely because of injury concerns.

What do you think of this depth chart? I'll be in the comments, and awaiting your praise of Taylor.


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