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Florida vs. LSU: Gators' defensive playcut just gets pushed around a lot

Wanna watch Florida's defense get bullied for the first time in a long time? No? Well, this post exists, regardless.

I'm not going to pretend that I wanted to watch this week's edition of libgator's Defense Wins Muschampionships, the video of all of Florida's defensive snaps against LSU, any more than you do. But I watched it. You might learn something if you do, too.

My brief takeaways:

  • There. Is. So. Little. Push. Zach Mettenberger could've transferred to get away from another unsavory bit of legal trouble before being pressured on most dropbacks.
  • Michael Taylor is the best of Florida's linebackers right now and it's not particularly close.
  • Vernon Hargreaves III, even in defeat, manages to do two or three very good things. He's an incredibly smart tackler for a cornerback.
  • LSU really didn't need to pass, ever.
  • Most of LSU's third down failures came because Mettenberger badly missed throws.

Other than that, fellow figurative Mrs. Lincolns, what did you think?


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