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Florida vs. Missouri: DT Damien Jacobs out for Gators

Florida will be without one of its three experienced defensive tackles at Missouri.


In the words of Kel Mitchell, "Aw, here it goes": Per ESPN's Brett McMurphy, Florida's starting defensive tackle, Damien Jacobs, will not play against Missouri today, and did not travel with the Gators to the game, after suffering an injury against LSU.

McMurphy's technically wrong on calling Jacobs an "NG": He's listed as Florida's starter at "tackle" on this week's depth chart, and has played as much or more tackle as nose tackle this season. Jacobs also isn't that big a loss on the face of things, given that his play for much of the season has been lacking — he has struggled to get penetration when on the field, and while he played probably his best game against LSU, his most memorable plays from that game both involved losing his helmet and not being involved in a stop.

Where Jacobs being unavailable hurts Florida is in its flexibility up front. The listed second-stringer behind Jacobs is defensive end Jonathan Bullard, who is also Florida's starter at defensive end; Bullard probably won't start in Jacobs' place, meaning that we're going to see a lot of both Leon Orr and Darious Cummings on Saturday, and likely a freshman defensive tackle — bet on Jay-nard Bostwick — who has not played a snap this year.

For Florida, the hits keep coming. And there aren't that many players left who can even attempt to man up when their brethren go down.


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