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Video: Will Muschamp says Florida is "just not a very good football team"

Will Muschamp's post-Missouri press conference looks and sounds like an exhausted man venting frustrations.

After Florida's 36-17 loss to Missouri on Saturday, Will Muschamp addressed reporters from somewhere at Missouri's Faurot Field that left wind blowing his hair and the temporary backdrop behind him. And he began with the truth: "(We're) just not a very good football team."

It's hard to fault or disagree with him for that, but Muschamp's more pointed comments about Florida's "inept" offense are going to sting a little more. "We really struggle to do anything we try to do," he said, among a few other laments about offensive line play, adding that he tells his defense "You're the firemen, you gotta go put it out" — something I'm fairly sure I've heard from Muschamp before.

If Florida's defense is comprised of firemen, though, that suggests that something else is on fire. And though that defense got burned on this Saturday, it's certainly not where I think the smoke is coming from.


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