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Florida vs. Missouri: 25 predictions, reviewed

Believe it or not, these were actually better than our LSU predictions.

Jamie Squire

I said "I have no feel for this Florida-Missouri game," and I was mostly right. Well, about having no feel.

  1. Florida will give up points in the first quarter.
    Right. Missouri scored on its first drive.
  2. Florida's first score will be a touchdown, not a field goal.
    Wrong. Ha. Well.
  3. Tyler Murphy will attempt at least 22 passes.
    Right. Murphy threw 29 times.
  4. Murphy will account for at least one touchdown.
    Wrong. Murphy accounted for zero touchdowns.
  5. Florida will have at least one pass play of more than 30 yards.
    Wrong. Florida's longest pass play covered 14 yards.
  6. Mack Brown will lead Florida in rushing attempts.
    Wrong. Kelvin Taylor had 12 to Brown's eight, and yet that 12 wasn't enough.
  7. Florida's running game will tally more than 140 yards.
    Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong.
  8. At least four Florida wide receivers will make catches.
    Right. Saved by Ahmad Fulwood late.
  9. Quinton Dunbar will finally have a receiving touchdown.
    Wrong. I should stop predicting this like I did with Purifoy.
  10. Florida's offense will score at least two touchdowns.
    Wrong. Florida scored two touchdowns; Florida's offense mustered one.
  11. Michael Taylor will lead Florida in solo tackles.
    Wrong. Jaylen Watkins and Brian Poole each had six.
  12. Jay-nard Bostwick will play.
    Wrong. After all, why play a big, fresh defensive tackle when you have just two others available?
  13. Florida's defense will give up at least one passing touchdown.
    Right. Gave up just the one, but it hurt.
  14. Loucheiz Purifoy, Marcus Roberson, and Vernon Hargreaves III will all start.
    Wrong. Purifoy did not start.
  15. Maty Mauk will throw at least one interception.
    Right. Thanks, Brian Poole.
  16. Florida's defense will allow less than 5.5 yards per play. (Missouri averages 6.8.)
    Wrong. Very wrong.
  17. Florida will start at least one drive in Missouri territory.
    Right. Giving credit here for the drive that started at the 50. ESPN's drive chart says "MIZZ 50."
  18. Missouri will run for under 200 yards. (Been held under it twice this year.)
    Wrong. I thought this was a gimme. Instead, Missouri rushed for 205 yards.
  19. Florida will make a big play on special teams.
    Right. A touchdown return counts. (Marcus Roberson's 21-yard punt return? Not quite.)
  20. Johnny Townsend will be a pleasant surprise as Florida's punter.
    Right. He was pretty good all day. Averaged 45.6 yards per punt.
  21. Francisco Velez will not miss a field goal.
    Right. Velez hit the only one he was asked to make.
  22. The game will be within a touchdown at some point in the second half.
    Right. Solomon Patton's touchdown return cut Missouri's lead to six points.
  23. Florida will score at least 24 points.
    Wrong. Why did I have hope?
  24. Missouri will become the first SEC team to score 20 points on Florida's defense since Tennessee in 2012.
    Right. And the first SEC team to score 30 (or 35) on Florida since LSU in 2011.
  25. Florida will win.
    Wrong. Rats.

Last Week: 11-of-25, 44 percent.
Season To Date: 86-of-175, 49.1 percent.


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