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NCAA releases Miami sanctions; former Florida coach Aubrey Hill gets show-cause penalty

The U is getting little more than time served, but former Florida wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill won't be back in the college ranks for another couple of years.

Joel Auerbach

The Miami Hurricanes have been docked scholarships and placed on probation, and former Florida wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill has been given a two-year show-cause penalty, for their roles in paying prospects in the mid-2000s at Miami, the NCAA announced Tuesday.

After self-imposing postseason bans in 2011 and 2012, Miami will face no further postseason or television bans from the NCAA, and will be on probation from now until October 2016. (The State of The U has much more about the entire NCAA saga in its StoryStream.)

Here are the Hill-related portions of the NCAA's announcement:

Two former assistant football coaches did not follow NCAA ethical conduct rules when they provided prospects with free lodging, meals and transportation. Further, one of the former coaches arranged for the booster to provide benefits to prospects. Both former football coaches provided false or misleading information to Miami and the enforcement staff during the investigation as well. In some instances, the information provided by each coach directly contradicted the information provided by prospects.


Former assistant football coach C (as identified in the public report) penalties: A two-year show-cause order from October 22, 2013, through October 21, 2015. The public report contains further details.

If you care to read the entire report, it can be found at the NCAA's site.

Basically, the NCAA found that Hill — who is "former assistant football coach C"; Louisville assistant Clint Hurtt is "former assistant football coach B" — provided benefits to recruits and lied to the NCAA. Either would be a no-no on its own; both together is a very bad thing, and a two-year show-cause penalty is probably just according to NCAA rules. (I make no guarantee that NCAA rules are, in fact, "just.")

Hill hasn't been on staff at Florida since his abrupt resignation in August 2012, and he doesn't have much of a legacy as a coach at Florida: While Andre Debose's 2011 reign of nine-route terror happened under Hill, no wide receiver had more than 21 catches in 2011 (three wide receivers currently have at least 21 catches for the Gators in 2012), and Hill's departure left the 2012 wide receiving corps in the stewardship of graduate assistant Bush Hamdan, who has also since left the program.

Hill's show-cause penalty essentially makes it impossible for him to be hired as a coach at a college for the duration of the sanction.

And I know we're all upset about Tim Davis right now, but Hill has to be Will Muschamp's worst hire, right?


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