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Chomping at Bits: Changes are coming to the "inept" offense

Chomping at Bits discusses the changes to the offense and FlaGators finally admits why he's a fan of the teams he roots for.

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Gators to make changes on offense: The Gators rank last in the conference in yards per game, yards per play and plays of twenty yards or more. Why it's taken this long to make some changes is beyond me as it seems a little late in the game, but hey, progress counts for something right? (Jesse Simonton, Miami Herald)

Groaning in Gainesville: I like how the story admits that it's too early to put Muschamp on the hot seat and admits that if Muschamp doesn't work out in the long run it's a black mark on Jeremy Foley's resume. I agree with both those things. (Dan Wolken, USA Today)

Muschamp not going anywhere: The vote of confidence from Foley suggests that Muschamp will survive this season if the stats quo remains the same throughout the season. Like I said, I'm okay with it. (Edgar Thompson, Orlando Sentinel)

Poor third season is warning to Texas and USC: Great article about the situations, similarities between the fans and programs and their searching/wanting a new head coach. (John Tamny, Forbes)

One-armed teen commits to Gators: So he'll make eight players? Nevertheless, I hope this works out for him. (Fox News)

Theater of Operations: If you noticed the missing Tuesday edition of Theater of Operations, don't worry because it was by design. Gotta prepare for bye weeks differently, ya know.

Rooting for a sports team: There have been a few requests for me to talk about the sports teams that I root for. So I guess the bye week is the perfect time.

Sports teams: Cleveland Indians: My Grandfather was a big Indians fan and when I was a kid there wasn't a professional baseball team in the state of Florida. It wasn't until I was in the 4th grade that the Florida Marlins came about (1993, I believe) and I was in High School (I think, can't really remember. I think their inaugural season was the summer between 8th and 9th grade) when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays were founded. I grew up in an Indians and Tigers family as my father is a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan. But I chose the Indians because of some influential late 1980's to early, early 1990's moments with my Grandfather. By the time the Marlins and Devil Rays were founded it was too late. I don't change rooting interests. Ever.

Washington Redskins: My father is from Falls Church, Virginia. He was born in Erie, Pennsylvania but spent his formative years and then summers in Virginia were his father was based in the Army/Marines and his job at Georgetown University. A son's father and his football influence is strong. Plus, the Miami Dolphins' Super Bowl theme song is annoying, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should have never changed their logo and the Jacksonville Jaguars were founded too late.

Boston Celtics: This one is probably the most self explanatory. It's about one person and one player, two people total and that's my father and Larry Bird. Back in the 1950's and 60's, radio was different. My father while growing up Pennsylvania and Virginia could listen to games on sports radio but it was different back then. Living where he was he could only get the Steelers and Browns (NFL), Tigers, Pirates and Senators (MLB) and Celtics (NBA). So he picked his team because of Bill Russell and company (though it probably didn't hurt that they won a lot, but back then it was tough because you could only listen on the radio and couldn't choose teams the same way we do now) and then when I came along in the mid-80's and began watching sports in the latter part of that decade and into the next, it was all about Larry Bird. It didn't hurt that Bird had a house not too far where I grew up and once saw him sitting outside the same Winn-Dixie that I was shopping at.

St. Louis Blues: This one was a mixture of timing and spite. My friend who lived across was into roller skating and when the Lightning were founded in 1992, we went to the home opener and first game ever. It was at the old Expo Hall in Tampa. Is that place even still standing? I really didn't care but the only reason I went was to check out this weird game on ice. We ended up going back later that year and they happened to be playing the Blues. If anybody remembers the Blues from back then, they had a heck of an offense (Brett Hull, Adam Oates and a few others) ... plus it was kind of funny rooting for the other team just to annoy my buddy. Anyway, after annoying him with box score updates here and there the Blues stuck.

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