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Video: Will Muschamp answers many questions about Florida's offensive line

Have a question about Florida's offensive line? Will Muschamp probably answered it, sort of, today.

Here's Will Muschamp's Wednesday session with Florida media.

The notable bits:

  • Coaches stayed in Gainesville instead of recruiting on Sunday and Monday to work on figuring out what to do.
  • "When you're not producing, you can't continue to do the same things; you'll get the same results."
  • Players have this Saturday and Sunday off.
  • "We think we'll get Ronald Powell back next week," but he's not cleared for cutting and taking on blocks. Tyler Murphy won't throw this week, Damien Jacobs (who Muschamp said "has a head injury" when he was asked directly about the injury) still not yet back to practice.
  • On the offensive line: "We need to settle on a five and let those play." Muschamp also mentioned Trenton Brown and Octavius Jackson as potential new names to watch for on the line.
  • "We probably should've played Joey Ivie and Jay-nard Bostwick" against Missouri. Other notes: Neiron Ball played defensive end against Missouri, Jarrad Davis played his most snaps against the Tigers.
  • "There's a fine line between doing too much and not doing enough."
  • Responding to question about Brent Pease and votes of confidence: "This is the same staff that came within a game of playing for a national championship."
  • Florida misses Dominique Easley not just for his talent and playmaking, but his leadership.
  • On D.J. Humphries: "D.J. needs to play better. Football's very important to him, and playing's very important to him, (and so) he needs to take some steps forward." This echoes the "Football's very important to him" stuff Muschamp was saying about Antonio Morrison this summer, and hints at why he might not have started at Mizzou.
  • On Kelvin Taylor not getting more carries: "Probably got away from that a little early."
  • On this season: "It's not what they came to Florida for. It's not what I came to Florida for."
  • On Tyler Moore: "I think Tyler can play much better than he's played."
  • On playing younger players over veterans: "I'm not worried about upsetting anybody. My track record speaks for itself. If they're ready to play, we're gon' play 'em."
  • Muschamp mentions Solomon Patton, Quinton Dunbar, and Kelvin Taylor as playmakers who need to get the ball more.
  • Colin Thompson still isn't practicing because of injury. Kent Taylor's healthy.
  • "You can't, ever, to me, project what happens on game day," Muschamp said, responding to a question about Demarcus Robinson. "The slant ball the other day? You gotta make that play."


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