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Florida vs. Arkansas: Gators wearing all-blue uniforms, according to Trey Burton

Trey Burton takes to Facebook to announce Florida's sartorial choice for playing against Arkansas.

Chris Trotman

The Florida Gators will don all-blue uniforms for their Saturday game with the Arkansas Razorbacks, Florida wide receiver Trey Burton announced on Facebook on Thursday.

Burton actually announced the uniform choice from his lightly updated fan page (which still has "#PartyRock!! #Bingo!!" as its description for Community), then shared that update from his personal Facebook page, but either way, I believe both of those pages are genuine. Burton's full message:

Blue on blue Saturday night! Thats what we call a BLUE OUT IN THE SWAMP!! #BEATarkansas!

So, uh, wear blue.

The last time Florida wore blue jerseys and blue pants was for their 44-11 blowout of South Carolina in 2012, one of two times last season the Gators went all-blue. Florida also donned blue jerseys and pants in a 14-7 victory over LSU.

Florida is 12-3 in all-blue uniforms since 2005, and has not faced Arkansas in all-blue in that time, going 3-0 against the Razorbacks while wearing white tops and blue pants in the 2006 SEC Championship Game and a 2008 road game and wearing blue tops and white pants at home in 2009.


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