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Florida vs. Kentucky: Reviewing our 25 predictions

Maybe I will remember to do this before the Friday prior to the next game next week!

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Florida's 27th straight win over Kentucky made a lot of my predictions come true.

  1. Both teams will score touchdowns.
    Right. Kentucky's came on special teams.
  2. Florida will lead by double digits at some point in the game.
    Right. Florida led by double digits from its third touchdown on.
  3. Florida will trail at some point in the game.
    Wrong. It never got closer than a tie after Florida scored on the opening drive.
  4. Tyler Murphy will not throw for more than 200 yards.
    Right. Murphy finished with 156.
  5. Murphy will make at least one big play as a runner.
    Right. I'd say he made two: His 17-yard run on the first drive and his touchdown run.
  6. Florida will have more than one run of more than 20 yards on the day.
    Right. Jones added a 23-yard run to his 67-yard run in the fourth quarter.
  7. Florida running backs will have at least two touchdowns.
    Wrong. Jones had one, but Murphy vultured the other.
  8. Matt Jones will rush for more than 80 yards.
    Right. Just a little bit right.
  9. Florida's wide receivers will combine for more than 13 catches.
    Wrong. They had 11 of the 15 Florida catches on the day.
  10. Trey Burton will make a big play on offense.
    Right. The touchdown catch certainly was, but every other Burton play was seemingly big, too.
  11. Demarcus Robinson will make a catch of at least 15 yards on offense.
    Wrong. Robinson's lone catch went for 10 yards.
  12. Dante Fowler will have at least one sack.
    Right. Fowler had two.
  13. Jonathan Bullard will make an important play as a defensive tackle.
    Right. I'll give him credit for playing at 3-technique, at least, on his first sack.
  14. Antonio Morrison will lead Florida in solo tackles.
    Wrong. Michael Taylor did, and had a big game.
  15. Vernon Hargreaves III will start.
    Right. Easy money.
  16. Loucheiz Purifoy will make a big play.
    Wrong. It may never happen!
  17. At least two Kentucky quarterbacks will attempt passes.
    Right. Neither one was particularly good.
  18. Florida's defense will allow fewer than 4.2 yards per play.
    Right. Kentucky managed 3.7 YPP.
  19. Florida will force at least two turnovers.
    Wrong. Just the one Hargreaves pick.
  20. Florida will grab at least one interception.
    Right. And that makes this right.
  21. Vernon Hargreaves will make a play as a punt returner.
    Wrong. Hargreaves did not record a punt return.
  22. Kyle Christy will return to a facsimile of his 2012 form.
    Wrong. Hilarious that I'm wrong on a Christy prediction again because he didn't punt.
  23. Austin Hardin will not make multiple field goals.
    Right. Hardin just made one.
  24. Florida will outscore Kentucky in the second half.
    Right. Florida won the second half by a 3-0 margin.
  25. Florida will win.
    Right. Easiest money.

Last Week: 18-of-25, 72 percent.
Season To Date: 55-of-100, 55 percent.


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