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Week 6 college football TV schedule and open thread

The SEC showdowns from last week are nowhere to be found in Week 6, but there are more than a few schadenfreude opportunities available for Florida fans.

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The Week 6 college football schedule doesn't have the SEC showdowns Week 5 did, but it does have the benefit of an 11:30 a.m. game (Navy at Air Force), a chance for Florida State to lose (to Maryland), a sure beatdown for Tennessee (at Georgia's hands), and a rough road test for Ohio State (at Northwestern). Make sure to fit some of those in around your scheduled viewing of Arkansas at Florida at 7 p.m. Eastern on ESPN2.

SB Nation Scoreboard

SB Nation now has a dedicated scoreboard, which you can see at The main scoreboard page has scores for all sports, and the College Football Scoreboard has, well, college football scores. Play with it, love it, and break your dependence on using the big name scoreboards.

Links To Make You Think

The Selection Committee discusses college football's four best teams.

Dan Rubenstein picks the Week 6 slate.

Week 6 TV Line Up and Game Lines

Air Force at Navy NAVY -11.5 (55.5) 11:30 AM
Maryland at Florida State Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium
FSU -16 (56) 12:00 PM
Michigan State at Iowa Channel_espn_2_hd_logo_medium MSU -1.5 (38.5) 12:00 PM
Texas Tech at Kansas Channel_fox_sports_1_medium TTU-17.5 (54) 12:00 PM
Illinois at Nebraska NEB -9 (61) 12:00 PM
Penn State at Indiana PSU -3.5 (63.5) 12:00 PM
Georgia at Tennessee UGA -10.5 (63.5) 3:30 PM
Minnesota at Michigan
MICH -19.5 (50) 3:30 PM
Clemson at Syracuse
CLEM -13.5 (64) 3:30 PM
Kansas State at Oklahoma State
OSU -14 (57.5) 3:30 PM
Georgia Tech at Miami (FL) MIA -5.5 (55.5) 3:30 PM
Washington State at California Channel_fox_sports_1_medium WSU -1.5 (66) 4:00 PM
Oregon at Colorado ORE -38.5 (69) 6:00 PM
LSU at Mississippi State Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium
LSU -9.5 (54.5) 7:00 PM
TCU at Oklahoma OU -10.5 (46.5) 7:00 PM
Arkansas at Florida Channel_espn_2_hd_logo_medium UF -11 (43) 7:00 PM
Ole Miss at Auburn MISS -2.5 (56.5) 7:00 PM
Arizona State at Notre Dame (Arlington, TX) ASU -6 (62) 7:30 PM
Ohio State at Northwestern OSU -7 (59) 8:00 PM
West Virginia at Baylor Channel_fox_sports_1_medium BU -27.5 (68.5) 8:00 PM
Washington at Stanford Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium
STAN -7 (52.5) 10:30 PM

I'll be popping in and out over the course of the day, as I have to run errands instead of tailgating, but please use this as the Saturday open thread. I'll drop the links for the 25 predictions and the Florida-Arkansas game thread in this post and in the comments when they get published.


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