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Florida vs. Arkansas: 25 predictions for the Razorbacks' trip to Hogtown

Florida's never lost to Arkansas since the Razorbacks have joined the SEC. That fact will remain true on Sunday, we think.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Florida's never lost to Arkansas in the regular season. I don't think it will today.

  1. Florida will score on its first offensive drive.
  2. Florida will lead by double digits at some point in the game.
  3. Tyler Murphy will throw for fewer than nine yards per attempt.
  4. Murphy will account for at least two touchdowns.
  5. Florida will have at least one run of more than 30 yards on the day.
  6. Florida will score at least two rushing touchdowns.
  7. Matt Jones will rush for more than 80 yards.
  8. Other Florida running backs will combine for more than 65 yards.
  9. At least two Florida wide receivers will make five or more catches.
  10. Demarcus Robinson will make an important play.
  11. Ronald Powell will have at least one sack or tackle for loss.
  12. A linebacker will lead Florida in solo tackles.
  13. A defensive back will lead Florida in tackles.
  14. Florida's defense will give up a passing touchdown.
  15. Marcus Roberson will have an interception.
  16. Brandon Allen will complete less than 60 percent of his passes.
  17. Florida's defense will allow fewer than 5.0 yards per play.
  18. Florida will force at least two turnovers.
  19. Alex Collins will not run for 100 yards.
  20. Florida will have a return of more than 30 yards.
  21. Kyle Christy will average more than 43 yards per punt.
  22. Austin Hardin will make multiple field goals.
  23. Florida will not be threatened in the fourth quarter.
  24. Florida will score at least 27 points.
  25. Florida will win.

Last Week: 18-of-25, 72 percent.
Season To Date: 55-of-100, 55 percent.


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