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Florida vs. Arkansas: Plane crashes on Flavet Field hours before game

Night games can be strange, but a plane crashing near tailgaters before it transcends strange. Fortunately, it appears that no one was hurt.

Sam Greenwood

A small plane carrying a banner crashed on Flavet Field on the University of Florida campus on Saturday, just hours before Florida's game against Arkansas, according to many, many tweets from people near the incident.

Florida student Wade Millward was first to snap and tweet a picture of the scene:

More pictures and information followed shortly after, and it seems that while the plane, carrying a banner advertising either GEICO or McDonald's, did crash land, there were, fortunately, no fatalities, just injuries sustained by both people in the plane:

Florida's official @GatorZoneNews account issued a statement in three tweets:

Flavet Field is a large open space about a half-mile southwest of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, and is a popular spot for tailgaters on the University of Florida campus.

That the only injuries from this event were suffered by the passengers of the plane, according to The Gainesville Sun, and seemingly not life-threatening ones, would seem to be a good outcome from a strange accident. And let's hope that remains true as more information becomes available.


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