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Florida vs. Arkansas, Film Study: Offensive and defensive playcut videos

Race through your rewatch of Florida's win over Arkansas with offensive and defensive playcuts.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Ever wish you could watch compressed versions of Florida Gators games? YouTube user/general awesome person libgator has been granting that wish for years now, and has put together playcuts — videos that feature every offensive and defensive play in sequence, and chop off the extraneous stuff — of Gators games and put them on YouTube since 2011.

He did the same for Florida's 30-10 win over Arkansas, as you might expect, and both videos are embedded below.

Here's the offensive playcut, called Peasing it Together.

Things to watch: Tyler Murphy hitting a lot of receivers in stride; Murphy throwing one or two bad passes on the night; Matt Jones and Mack Brown getting virtually nothing up the middle; Florida's play design on the beautiful play-action pass to Tevin Westbrook and the pseudo-flea-flicker; how often Florida goes to a quads (four receivers to one side) empty set.

And here's the defensive playcut, called Defense Wins Muschampionships.

Things to watch: Confusion up front that leads to big plays early; how badly Florida bites on Arkansas's play action in the first quarter; the general badassery afterward.


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