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Florida vs. LSU: Will Muschamp, Tyler Murphy address media

Will Muschamp and a slew of Florida players talked to the media on Monday. The best quote from Muschamp: "The only stat that matters is winning."

Sam Greenwood

Florida players and head coach Will Muschamp had their usual Monday press conferences today, and I figured I'd just put something together so you can watch them all in one post.

Tyler Murphy

Florida's starting quarterback discusses being calm in the face of a "lively" LSU crowd, and gives the sorts of no-nonsense platitudes a quarterback really should give.

Will Muschamp

Florida's head coach discusses prepping for LSU — count the number of times he says "balance" and "talented" and "outstanding" — along with the prospects of a 51-50 victory, Michael Taylor being a "colorful young man," and the best thing about Florida's program.

Solomon Patton

The Gators' newest big-play threat talks about the "hostile" LSU crowd, how the passing game has developed in 2013, and Murphy's congenital niceness. (And he sounds like T.I., even if Patton — who's from Mobile, Alabama, not Atlanta — doesn't have Tip's smirking tone.)

Jaylen Watkins

Florida's best-spoken defensive back discusses giving up Arkansas's big play in the first quarter — it was an alignment issue, mostly — and the challenges presented by LSU's excellent receiving corps and Zach Mettenberger. Watkins also calls Florida's 2011 loss to LSU "a low point in our careers," and confirms, as Murphy's former roommate, that the Gators' signal-caller never gets angry.

Dante Fowler, Jr.

Darious "Bear" Cummings


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