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Jonotthan Harrison talks Arkansas ejection, says he was called "every version of the n-word"

Jonotthan Harrison is making some pretty strong claims about how Arkansas players treated him in Florida's game against the Razorbacks.


Jonotthan Harrison hadn't met with the media in about a month between Florida's win over Arkansas that saw Harrison get ejected — but on Tuesday, when Harrison spoke to reporters for the first time since that day, he had plenty to say about it.

Harrison was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and ejected from that game in the second half, which appeared to be for touching a referee with an extended finger. Harrison later put a finger to Will Muschamp's chest on the sideline — though he appeared to be demonstrating what he did to the referee.

The player Harrison tangled with on the play in question appears to be Arkansas linebacker Jarrett Lake, the only Arkansas player listed as No. 39 on the team's roster. It's unclear, as of now, whether Harrison was referring to Lake when referring to players using slurs; hopefully, Florida will release the video of Harrison addressing the media in full, for the purposes of fleshing out context.

Obviously, Harrison's making a serious accusation here — but I would trust him, more than any other current Florida player, to be telling the truth about an accusation like this. He's among Florida's brightest, smartest players, and is fantastic with the media, saying what he means and meaning what he says. I would be very surprised if this accusation, coming from him, was spurious in any way.

And while the accusation, if true, doesn't excuse or justify his actions in any way — I put Harrison's ejection in the Embarrassing category in my Rapid Recap of the Arkansas game, and wrote that "you cannot do anything to physically threaten a ref," despite my instincts and eyes telling me that Harrison was instigated, and I don't agree with diving at a player's knees, which was originally the allegation leveled at Harrison — it would certainly help to explain them.


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