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Florida vs. FSU: Season-ending showdown set for noon kickoff, ESPN

Florida's final game of the 2013 regular season will be a noontime showdown with the Seminoles.

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

Florida will play Florida State at noon on November 30, the SEC announced on Monday. The game will be televised by ESPN.

The Florida-FSU game was competing with a bunch of other really good ones for plum spots on CBS and ESPN on November 30, and those games got them: Alabama-Auburn will be the 3:30 p.m. showcase slot on CBS, Clemson-South Carolina ended up as a 7:00 p.m. kickoff on ESPN2, and Missouri-Texas A&M is set for a 7:45 p.m. kickoff on ESPN.

Those games all feature two top-15 teams. One of them features a national championship contender and a great rivalry; another one features Johnny Manziel in his last regular season game. Florida-Florida State has a national championship contender and the Heisman front-runner in Jameis Winston — but Florida will enter the game with a losing record, regardless of its result against Georgia Southern this Saturday.

And that's why the game will be on early: It might be over quickly.


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