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Chomping at Bits: Skyler Mornhinweg looks at bigger role

Chomping at Bits takes a look at the latest news and notes surrounding the Florida Gators football team.

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Ready for a bigger role: Skyler Mornhinweg is about to get his second career start and Georgia Southern seems like the perfect opponent to open things up. Let's see what he's got if need be. (Jesse Simonton, Miami Herald)

Fans showing support: About 8 to 10 fans were waiting in the rain at the airport with signs of support as the team returned from South Carolina. That's what I'm talking about folks. In all kinds of weather. (Jesse Simonton, Miami Herald)

Gators will be fine with Muschamp and Pease: I tend to think that they'll be just fine with them as well, though I'm not so sure that Pease will be around. But it's time to stop being so negative and look at things in a positive light. Here's some reasons why. (Hays Carlyon, The Florida Times-Union)

Pease preaches patience: Wondering why the freshman receivers are struggling? Pease breaks it down for you. (Edgar Thompson, Swamp Things/Orlando Sentinel)

Georgia Southern looking out for Gators: They're not buying the Gators are down and a terrible team but that's probably more due to the fact that their Georgia Southern. (Zach Abolverdi, Gainesville Sun)

Noon kickoff a slap in the face: Neil's back and he's probably a little right on this. (Neil Shulman, In All Kinds of Weather)

Greatest song ever: After some input on whether or not songs like "Happy Birthday" or even "Silent Night" can count, they don't ... kinda. "Silent Night" does because it gets/got regular air play. So we're getting there.

Colonies vs. Empire: Greatest pone/tablet app ever. And it's not even close.

End of Watch: A pretty good movie.

Olbermann: Just terrible.

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