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Florida vs. South Carolina: Watch full game replay, offensive and defensive playcut videos

Relive Florida's close loss to South Carolina with the magic of YouTube.

Streeter Lecka

After a two-week hiatus from the Internet in which I thought Florida's offense had well and truly done in libgator, he's returned with offensive and defensive playcuts for Florida's games against Vanderbilt and South Carolina. Here we have the offensive and defensive playcuts for the South Carolina game, as well as the full game, via Alpha Beta.

Florida offense vs. South Carolina

Things to watch for:

  • Kelvin Taylor running like there was candy in the end zone on both of his touchdown runs.
  • The utter perfection that was Brent Pease's playcall of a screen to Mack Brown combined with the execution of said screen.
  • Definitely not Mornhinweg's pick, unless you enjoy clawing your eyes out.

Florida defense vs. South Carolina

Things to watch for:

  • That first ridiculous Connor Shaw pass.
  • That second ridiculous Connor Shaw pass, and the even better catch.
  • Florida getting burned by a second-string speed back more severely than it was by the first-string do-everything back.
  • A lot of heart at all times.

Florida vs. South Carolina, full game

  • "Sandstorm."
  • More "Sandstorm."
  • Also, "Sandstorm."

Give these a play (maybe not the last one, and maybe not the first one after the 3:38 mark) and lemme know what you see in the comments.


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