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How to watch Florida vs. Georgia Southern: Pay-per-view and online streaming options

You're going to struggle to find Florida-Georgia Southern on your local TV screen, even if you're willing to fork over the pay-per-view price.

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Florida's game against Georgia Southern this Saturday kicks off in about 90 minutes, so you still have time to find a way to watch it. And that's a good thing, because the broadcast is only available via pay-per-view in Florida, and might not be available to you even if you have a cable or satellite subscription.

If in Florida

You can probably order the game via your cable or satellite provider, as long as it's on the list of providers that are airing the game. Many providers, including AT&T, Bright House, Comcast, Cox, DIRECTV, and Dish, will be airing it.

However, Comcast's only offering it to customers in Jacksonville and Tallahassee (?), so Comcast subscribers in Central and South Florida are going to be out of luck. Their best bet is probably finding a Gators bar, which is easily done by finding a local Gator Club; you can't get the online stream of the game that ESPN3 is providing within the SEC's footprint.

If outside Florida

You're probably not going to find the game on a TV station without being an ESPN Game Plan subscriber, but you'll be able to watch an online stream of Florida-Georgia Southern on ESPN3, as long as you have WatchESPN access, which usually comes with your cable or satellite subscription.

Failing that, find a Gator Club and a local bar, which should work.

Also, a reminder: While there are, ahem, alternative ways of finding this and any other game, our comment policy forbids asking for or providing links in posts or in comments. If you are going to need an alternative way of finding the game, Twitter is probably your friend.


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