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Florida vs. Georgia Southern, Game Thread: Getting up from rock bottom

If they play a game in The Swamp and nobody cares, did it happen?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I'll be at Florida-Georgia Southern today, and I'll almost certainly be able to tweet from it, given the stadium's network upgrades for the smartphone-addicted like myself, but I can't exactly blame fans who don't want to come out for a game between beat-up Florida and beat-up Georgia Southern. This is the peril of November cupcakes: No one really wants a cupcake unless it's there, and certainly no one wants to bite into a cupcake when there's a chance, as with Georgia Southern's triple option offense, it might actually be less than soft and moist.

But it's also a reflection of what Florida is this season: A team that has turned off a lot of its fans, and made Saturdays ordeals instead of opportunities for many. I disgree with those folks — I love seeing Florida teams play no matter how good or bad the Gators I am watching actually are, though it's also sort of my job — and I don't regret having spent hundreds of dollars following this team around, but I'm pretty sure I'm the outlier, not the norm.

I go and cheer no matter whether more players get injured or suspended — Jonathan Bullard's out with an injury today, while Demarcus Robinson is again suspended for a violation of team rules — and I try to find the bright sides of things.

But the best one I can find today, before this kickoff, is that this season is nearly over.

Go Gators. C'mon, Gators. Get up from the cold floor that is rock bottom, and go.


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