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Florida vs. Georgia Southern: The postgame vent thread

Florida has lost six football games in a row. It sucks.

Michael Chang

Florida's 26-20 loss to Georgia Southern could probably have been a 27-26 win over Georgia Southern with a slightly better quarterback, a slightly taller target in the red zone, or slightly better execution on a final drive that should have started in Eagles territory, and was hampered by both perplexing clock management and killer penalties.

Florida also played with as limited a roster as it has had in its history — I'm confident in this assessment, given that the front seven featured all of one or two non-freshman, non-walk-on players by game's end, and the Skyler Mornhinweg experiment is surely something no sane coach would try without crippling injuries leaving his other options at quarterback unplayable. Michael Taylor left with an injury, Alex Anzalone — who wouldn't be playing if not for several injuries — left with an injury, and David Campbell, a walk-on, saw his first action in this game. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Darrin Kitchens suffered a concussion, either — he didn't leave the game, unfortunately, after being shaken up on a play.

But all of those shouldas and wouldas and couldas don't make up for what is: A Florida team that has fallen to 4-7, will not be going to a bowl, and has suffered the first loss to an FCS team in program history — perhaps also the worst loss in program history.

There will be yelling and kicking and screaming done about Will Muschamp for the next few days. Go ahead and do some of it in the comments here.

I kind of need to do some, too.


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