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Video: Skyler Mornhinweg, bless his heart, talks Florida vs. FSU

Skyler Mornhinweg is Florida's quarterback at this moment in time, and he's saying some of the right things, but he's saying some very wrong things, too.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Skyler Mornhinweg stepped to the lectern on Monday, was asked a lot of questions, and gave some boring answers to some of them.

He also said "We think we have a great team," explained Florida's struggles of late by saying that "Football is a tough sport" and "We're playing against some pretty good teams," and sketched Florida's game plan for Florida State by saying "Looking at last year's game, we're just going to try to emulate that."

He said things, and then many jokes were had on Twitter, in other words.

Here's his press conference, via GatorVision:

In truth, I don't think there's anything all that wrong with Mornhinweg hewing close to the party line, even if it makes him sound ridiculous: It's a young kid who shouldn't even be playing, much less talking to the media, saying things a young kid who believes in his team says. Would it have been better had he said "We suck, and we're playing like shit," or words to that effect? No, because his honesty would've been laughed at as much as his belief is.

The problem is that Florida's forced to trot him out to the media, as you do with your starting quarterback, and would look just as dumb if it trotted out the far more media-savvy Tyler Murphy, whose status for Florida State is very much in question, to answer for Mornhinweg's play.

It's a catch-22, and I'm not sure there's anything better that Florida could do in terms of players speaking to the media.


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