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Florida vs. Georgia Southern: 25 predictions, reviewed

Florida did many things it was predicted to do against Georgia Southern. It also lost.

Check out all the expressions on the sideline.
Check out all the expressions on the sideline.
Michael Chang

Our 25 predictions for Florida's November cupcake feast that turned into a root canal.

  1. Florida will not receive the ball to begin the game.
    Wrong. You know, this is the most frustrating one to miss for me.
  2. Florida will score in the first quarter.
    Right. Whew.
  3. Florida will lead in the first quarter.
    Right. Well.
  4. Skyler Mornhinweg will start for Florida at quarterback.
    Right. Yay for that.
  5. Tyler Murphy will not play.
    Right. And Florida missed him.
  6. Mornhinweg will not be intercepted on his first 10 attempts.
    Right. Mornhinweg was not intercepted. Progress!
  7. Kelvin Taylor will have at least one rush of more than 25 yards.
    Right. Taylor ran for 33 yards on the fifth play of the game.
  8. Taylor will average over five yards per carry.
    Wrong. He had a respectable 22 carries for 92 yards.
  9. Valdez Showers will have at least one rush of more than 10 yards.
    Wrong. Showers had four touches, none for more than seven yards.
  10. Quinton Dunbar will finally make a touchdown catch.
    Wrong. Screw it, I'm using this this week, too.
  11. Gators receivers will combine for more than 10 catches.
    Wrong. They combined for ... nine.
  12. A Florida tight end will make a catch.
    Wrong. Whoops.
  13. Florida will score more than 24 points.
    Wrong. WHOOPS.
  14. Florida's defense will allow under five yards per play.
    Wrong. WHOOOOOOPS.
  15. Florida's defensive line will have fewer than two sacks.
    Right. This is very possible when the other team throws it three times.
  16. Florida will allow at least one 30-yard rush.
    Right. It allowed more than one.
  17. Jarrad Davis will lead Florida in tackles.
    Wrong. Jabari Gorman did, which is a bad sign.
  18. Florida will not record an interception.
    Right. Hedged. Nailed it.
  19. Florida will force at least one fumble.
    Right. It forced two.
  20. Florida will make a big play on special teams.
    Right. Solomon Patton!
  21. Georgia Southern will run for more than 180 yards.
    Right. Nailed it!
  22. Georgia Southern will score.
    Right. Bingo!
  23. Georgia Southern will lead at some point.
    Right. Yep!
  24. Florida will win.
    Wrong. ...
  25. We'll still have a few things to complain about.
    Right. "A few."

Last Week: 15-for-25, 60 percent. Season to Date: 140-for-275, 50.9 percent.


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