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Florida vs. FSU: Ask Tomahawk Nation's Bud Elliott anything

I'm running around and trying to get back to Gainesville in time to see Florida beat Florida State (in basketball). Y'all might wanna harass Bud, though.

Jeff Gammons

Florida plays Florida State in the final game of its most disappointing season in a long, long time on Saturday. Just over 24 hours from now, thankfully, Florida's season will be done.

But the Seminoles may be done with Florida long before the final whistle.

Florida State's got a peerless quarterback in Jameis Winston, oodles of talent everywhere you look on offense, and a defense that has gotten back to top-flight despite losing many good players to the 2013 NFL Draft. And no one covers FSU quite like Bud Elliott does at SB Nation's Tomahawk Nation. He's joining us for about an hour today to talk about the 'Noles and Saturday's matchup, and he'll be in the comments answering whatever you have to ask. (I've been answering questions over at Tomahawk Nation for the better part of the last hour.)

I encourage you to ask Bud whatever you want, including whether he thinks Wyatt Sexton was better than Skyler Mornhinweg, and I think it's fair to ask him questions about Winston's legal status, too, if you want: Bud's a real life lawyer, and he's done a great job of covering the investigation into an alleged December 2012 sexual battery involving Winston throughout. But, obviously, be fair and respectful if you're going to ask about that.

Bud's going to be here from about 1 to 1:30, and then swing back by around 2:30 (he's having a hair emergency), so get your questions in!