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Videos: Watch full game of Florida vs. Georgia, and offensive, defensive playcuts

I recommend just watching the second half video, the middle of the offense and defense videos, and alcohol.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The first two Florida-Georgia videos here are from Gamma Delta/Noonkick; the second two are from the infinitely valuable libgator.

Florida vs. Georgia, first half

Florida vs. Georgia, second half

Florida's offense vs. Georgia

Florida's defense vs. Georgia

Things of note from the offensive video, the only one I've watched so far:

  • That deep pass play was a thing of beauty — but Murphy undeniably missed on the throw, just a little. Dunbar doesn't stumble unless he has to course-correct, and would probably have scored.
  • Murphy was really, really bad early, apart from that throw. Happy feet despite a lack of pressure, bad throws (what righty QB one-hops a screen pass to his left?), and slow decision-making. He'd atone for it, to a degree, later, but...
  • Check what Trenton Brown does at about the 2:20 mark of the offense video. Sit down, sir.
  • I'm pretty sure it's Kelvin Taylor who screws up the zone read in the red zone. Florida leaves the weak side defensive end unblocked, and Murphy turns right, which suggests that the keep would've been to the right. And it's a shame, too, because there's a handful of yards available on the give.
  • Murphy pretty much never makes the right decision if he tries to make more than one decision after breaking the pocket. If he locks onto a receiver, it might work, and if he tucks it and runs, it might work, but he gets caught in between the two so, so often, with bad results.
  • Scrap the speed option. Entirely. No one ran it well, and the temptation to run it to the short side of the field when there are numbers there infuriates Florida fans and lets defenses string it out more effectively because the players Florida uses as option decision-makers are not fast.
  • Mack Brown ran very, very well on those two red zone carries in the third quarter. He also totally eliminates a defender with a great block on Murphy's scramble.
  • Trey Burton makes tough catches routinely. If someone needs to be targeted more, it's him.
  • The final offensive play of the day was yet another blitz that Murphy probably saw coming, but couldn't react to in time, something that plagued him against Missouri.

I'll be in the comments and update the post with more analysis when I can.


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