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Chomping at Bits: Gators' morale is fine as Dominique Easley withdraws from Florida

Chomping at Bits is back with a short edition today. You'll see why as you venture in, just please make sure it doesn't ruin any morale!


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Gators' morale is fine: Just play angry, like they did in the second half against Georgia, and I'll be fine. I think that's how they need to play the rest of the season, and I think they know that. (Robbie Andreu, The Gainesville Sun)

Dominique Easley leaves UF: Easley withdrew from classes and is focusing on the NFL draft. My only concern with this: Hopefully Muschamp and company approved it, because Florida's APR may suffer a bit. (Phillip Heilman, Gator Bytes / The Palm Beach Post)

Broadcast information for Vanderbilt: Fox Sports? Really? (GatorZone)

Gators talk Miami Dolphins: Some pretty interesting quotes in here. (Jesse Simonton, Gator Clause / Miami Herald)

Jon Haskins resigns: Apparently he quit like ten days ago or something. Anybody want to fill out an application? You'll get to set up official visits and deal with other recruiting stuff. (Jesse Simonton, Miami Herald)

Most fans tolerant of Muschamp: Among the big-time boosters questioned in the article most are behind Muschamp, but to the ones who aren't going to renew their tickets because the Gators employ a pro-style offense, are you kidding me!? Please leave our fanbase now. Thank you. (Edgar Thompson, Orlando Sentinel)

Richie Incognito: I understand that his coaches asked him to toughen up Martin and all that. I get that other veterans on the Miami Dolphins and around the NFL have come to Incognito's defense, saying that it's not a game for certain people and all that, but he might have taken it a bit far, even for me. Maybe.

Personal note: Not sure how much I'll be around this weekend as the lady of the house suffered a loss in her family yesterday. Prayers and whatnot, thank you.

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