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Chomping at Bits: Homecoming brings Gators back to campus for crammed weekend

Florida's football and men's and women's basketball teams are all in action on this Homecoming weekend.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

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Happy Homecoming: If you're on or around campus today, this parking map is going to be helpful.

"We're all we've got": It's not quite as catchy as "We all we got" (miss you, Murphy Lee), but Patric Young's diagnosis of the problems facing Florida early in this basketball season is a good one. (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

Chris Doering to serve as Mr. Two Bits: Gotta love the idea that Florida isn't afraid of associating memories of offensive touchdowns with this team. (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

Jeff Driskel gets cast off: As in, he got the cast on his broken leg off. (The phrasing was for you Driskel haters.) Also, this quote (emphasis mine) is pretty cool: "I felt a snap and I knew it wasn't good when I tried to stand up and my leg kind of gave out a little bit. I was definitely walking off that field. After a pick six, I'm not going to have anybody come and get me." Don't tell me Driskel doesn't take responsibility for what he does. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Swimming and diving teams sweep Alabama: Pfft, okay, yeah, your football teams maybe want 'Bama, but our natatorial gladiators took down 'Bama last night. (GatorZone)

January Miller, women's basketball prepping for opener, too: And their game is probably going to be more interesting than the men's game. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Saying goodbye and thanks: Alligator Army and Neil parted ways earlier this week for a variety of reasons, but, fortunately for Neil's, he's moving on to an exciting new endeavor. I thank him for what he's done here and wish him the best of luck in relaunching In All Kinds Of Weather. (Neil Shulman, FanPost)

Are you in town for Homecoming? Are you excited for Florida's basketball seasons starting? Will I manage to get down to Big Lou's to claim the free slice of pizza someone offered me to watch the parade from their porch? (No.) The comments are yours.


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