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Florida vs. Vanderbilt: The postgame vent thread

After a loss like that, you need a place to vent, right? Go ahead.

Stacy Revere

I'm still working on a Rapid Recap, which I should have together by sometime tonight, but the wake of the first home loss to Vanderbilt in nearly 70 years seems like a great time for a postgame vent thread, and I really want to know how you feel about everything associated with Florida football right now, as honestly as you can phrase the sentiments.

Do you want someone fired? Everyone fired? Someone benched? Everyone benched? The season cancelled? Let the spleen fly down below — I wanna take the pulse of everyone here.

And I'm turning the comments fully over to you, with only a couple of stipulations: The only things you can be banned for below are wishing harm on others, and/or the garden variety racist/sexist/awful stuff that would get you otherwise banned. This is a vent thread, and all your anger is welcome, even if it's fully irrational and molten.

Let it out and see if that makes you feel any better.


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