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Rhaheim Ledbetter will transfer from Florida, Gator Country reports

A casualty of multiple positional logjams, Rhaheim Ledbetter becomes the first (somewhat) unexpected bit of offseason attrition for Florida.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Redshirt freshman Rhaheim Ledbetter will transfer from Florida, Gator Country's Andrew Spivey reports.

Ledbetter came to Florida as a safety in the class of 2012, but failed to get purchase in a secondary held down by upperclassmen during the 2012 season. Before the 2013 season, Ledbetter switched positions, ending up at fullback, where he had a better chance of seeing the field.

But Hunter Joyer and Gideon Ajagbe locked down the position in the fall, with Ledbetter playing just twice, in Florida's opener against Toledo and its season finale against Florida State. And with both players returning, and the secondary even better stocked than it was when Ledbetter arrived, playing time at Florida just isn't in the cards for Ledbetter.

Ledbetter, a cousin of Brandon Spikes and high school teammate of Florida defensive end Jonathan Bullard at Crest High School in Shelby, North Carolina, leaves Florida with three years of eligibility remaining.

As always, we wish Ledbetter the best of luck in his academic and athletic careers.