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Reports: Florida offensive coordinator hire not coming until after January 1

Rejoice! You will be able to whine about the unknown instead of the known with your family this holiday season!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Gainesville Sun's Pat Dooley reports that Florida will not hire its offensive coordinator until after January 1.

Additionally, Dooley and Associated Press reporter Mark Long both report that Will Muschamp hasn't offered the job to anyone just yet.

Why? Well, Long sums up the reasoning succinctly:

Duke offensive coordinator Kurt Roper was in Gainesville with Muschamp today, according to Gator Country's Richard Johnson. Roper appeared to be the front-runner for the position as of, oh, noon, because of a lack of other plausible candidates, as USC offensive coordinator/interim head coach Clay Helton all but bowed out of the race this weekend.

But the more likely takeaway from Roper's day in Gainesville is that he is one of a number of candidates that have been (and will be) interviewed during Muschamp's vetting process. That's sure to rankle Florida fans who would've liked to have a coordinator in place, especially with prized commits like Dalvin Cook and Ermon Lane twisting in the wind, but it seems that Muschamp is less worried about making a swift hire than making the right one.