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Florida football recruiting: Which 2013 Gators recruit do you want to see most as a freshman?

Sunday Brunch is back, and wonders: Who can't you wait to see in the Orange and Blue?


Florida's wildly successful recruiting efforts in 2013 netted Will Muschamp a class full of difference-makers, with players who could help the Gators make SEC and national title runs as freshmen and players who could become Florida legends up and down the 30-person commitment list. But the six months between National Signing Day and fall practice are long, and fraught with longing, so here's our (late) Sunday Brunch topic for the day: Which 2013 Florida recruit are you most eager to see on the field?

Here are my top three picks:

Vernon Hargreaves III

I know it's a cop-out. I know picking the best guy in the class as the guy you most want to see is the opposite of surprising. I don't care: Hargreaves is that good, as we saw when he dominated the Under Armour game, and he's good enough that moving Loucheiz Purifoy to wide receiver for a spring makes plenty of sense despite Purifoy needing a spring of coaching more than any other corner Florida has. Hargreaves could be better than Purifoy as a cover corner as a freshman, and maybe better than Marcus Roberson and Jaylen Watkins, too — and that's not a knock on Roberson or Watkins. No one I've talked to who has seen Hargreaves has been anything but laudatory, and I think Hargreaves begins his Florida career with great play from the get-go.

Demarcus Robinson

Florida's last big receiver who was as good as Robinson is coming in was, I think, Jabar Gaffney. Percy Harvin was always a combination runner/receiver, and never a big target; Riley Cooper and Louis Murphy were good, but not as freshmen; Bubba Caldwell and Chad Jackson were both on the small side. Robinson has height, strength, savvy, and speed, and Florida has had a Demarcus Robinson-sized hole in its passing attack for years and years. If he's as good as I think, he'll be playing early and often in the fall — and probably well.

Caleb Brantley

There are a lot of contenders for the third spot here — I want to see Kelvin Taylor and Daniel McMillian and Ahmad Fulwood and Alvin Bailey and so on and so forth &mdahs; but I want to see Brantley at his peak more than any other player in this class. When I saw him at spring practice last year, he already had an SEC-level physique, with thick legs and a burly set of shoulders, and he looked like he could have been in pads with the rest of the Gators as a high school junior. If Florida can get Brantley's mind right (and that brief and bizarre decommitment was just a bad sign, not a sure harbinger of doom), he'll be great. If he can do it as a freshman, it'll be a huge help.

I've told you mine. Now tell me yours?