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Interview: Adam Allen discusses Florida career

Adam Allen is living, walking proof of why it is truly great to be a Florida Gator. This is his story.


It was a tough career for Florida forward Adam Allen.

In his freshman year, after his 2007-08 Gators started 18-3, they hit a major skid, and wound up missing the NCAA Tournament. Instead of coming back as a sophomore to try again, Allen hurt his knee, and missed the entire 2008-2009 season.

And then he missed almost all of the next two seasons when it didn't heal right.

While the whole ordeal was more difficult for him than words can describe, Billy Donovan and his teammates were there for him every step of the way, and Allen chose to stick with the Gator basketball team. If you ever need proof that perseverance has its rewards, recall that Adam Allen was given an amazing gift after three years of watching from the bench: In his senior season, he got to dribble out the clock at the O'Connell Center in a game against Alabama that secured the SEC Championship for Florida.

I'm sure some Gator fans know the general timeline of Allen's career, that he played his freshman season and then missed the next three. But for the first time, Allen goes beyond the simple facts that have been told before. He takes us through his whole experience through his eyes, revealing some things that had always been stuck in his head- until now.

Take a listen as Adam walks me, and Gator Nation, through his amazing story of how true loyalty really does pay off, eventually, and then later on discusses the current and future states of the Florida basketball team.

Few know what it really means to be a Florida Gator better than Adam Allen.