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Florida's Damontre Harris arrested for failure to appear

Go to your court dates, kids.

Kevin C. Cox

Florida basketball player Damontre Harris was arrested early Wednesday morning for failure to appear, The Gainesville Sun's Robbie Andreu reports.

Harris, a transfer from South Carolina, was cited for driving without a license last July, and had an arraignment scheduled for August 16.

Driving without a license is one of the easiest citations/arrests to get in Florida, it seems: Florida football players Dee Finley and Leon Orr were both charged with the same crime, and South Florida's Victor Rudd and Florida State's James Wilder Jr. have both dealt with issues on that front.

Missing a court date is significantly dumber, and more criminal, though it can be assumed that Harris apparently had no other run-ins with the law between August and Wednesday, given that he went seven months without appearing in court before being arrested.

Harris is not eligible to play until the 2013-14 season, but he's eligible to practice, and getting arrested the day after a Florida road loss is a good way to end up squarely in Billy Donovan's dog house. Get ready to run.