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Chomping at Bits: Michael Frazier's concussion will be healed by Alabama, apparently

Michael Frazier II left Florida's Saturday win with a concussion. But it's apparently a foregone conclusion that he'll be ready for a game one week later.


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Michael Frazier II "expected to be available" for next Saturday: I understand why something like this can get written: Good, sound sports medical practices involving baseline testing and sensitivity to concussions (which have been distressingly common among Florida players in the last two years) can produce reasonable timetables for recovery from even something like the traumatic brain injury that a concussion is. But I don't agree with writing that someone who has suffered a concussion is "expected to be available" before that person has passed all of those tests; the fairer, truer reporting here would be to explain that Frazier will have to undergo a battery of tests before even being cleared to practice. And there should be no pressure on players to return from concussions, not with everything we know and are learning about the risks of repeated concussions. (Chris Harry, Harry Fodder | GatorZone)

Florida's back to claim a No. 1 seed, if not poll position:

That'll do for now, and you should remember this when Florida slides to No. 6 or No. 7 when this week's polls are released later today.

RPI dusted as a predictive metric: RPI should never have been held out as a predictive metric, of course. (John Ezekowitz, Harvard Sports Analysis Collective)

One hella long realignment roundtable: I'll be honest: I didn't read all of this. If you do, lemme know. (BenDNole, Tomahawk Nation)

Investigating the purpose of intelligence testing: Remember this when you see Wonderlic scores leak this week. (Mike Tanier, The Tailgater | Sports on Earth)

How the food industry created our snacking addiction: Both illuminating and terrifying. (Michael Moss, New York Times Magazine)

When your ex is nominated for an Oscar: This was the best thing I read this Oscars weekend. Of the Best Picture nominees, I only saw Silver Linings Playbook, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and eventual winner Argo, and I thought Argo was the least of the three. (Katie Van Syckle, The Cut | New York)

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