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Florida vs. Arkansas: Adam Allen delivers the AA Review

Former Gator forward Adam Allen discusses Saturday's game against Arkansas, the upcoming game against Tennessee and the Gators' current NCAA Tournament standing.


I'm proud to bring you guys the second edition of the AA Review, in which former Gator forward Adam Allen and I cover three main topics: we recap the previous Florida game, preview the next one, and discuss the Gators' current standing with regards to the NCAA Tournament. In the event of a major topic that doesn't directly fall into one of those three, such as the injury of Michael Frazier, we will discuss that on its own as well.

In this edition, we discuss the success of the Gators' best outside shooters driving to the hoop against the Razorbacks as a complement to a feisty Patric Young, how difficult it is to maintain focus with a wild Rocky Top crowd praying for you to fail, and how Miami and Michigan State losing last week opens the door for Florida to possibly fight their way back to a No. 1 seed for the NCAA Tournament.

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

Neil: Adam, the Gators had a lot of success driving against Arkansas with their best outside shooters. How do you think this complements Patric Young's inside game?

Adam: It's very helpful to have guys who can shoot threes and drive, because it forces defenses to have to be prepared to defend both, which can wear them down, and of course, the dual threat could mean less attention for Young, which is never a bad thing.

Neil: With losses by Miami and Michigan State, do you think Florida is still in the running for a #1 seed?

Adam: Definitely. If we take care of business the rest of the way and don't get upset in the SEC Tournament, we should be a top seed, even though it could be that fourth overall seed in Los Angeles. But I definitely think Florida would get a 1 seed over a team like Gonzaga assuming they don't lose a game they shouldn't.

Neil: Without Michael Frazier, who do you look to shine against Tennessee?

Adam: I'd say keep your eye out for anybody, but I would point to Braxton Ogbueze and Dillon Graham as guys to expect to see playing time, and to contribute.

In addition, Adam tells a story of his first trip to Knoxville. You'll have to listen to the interview to hear it, but I will give away the moral of the story now: If you tie your shoes wrong, the folks on Rocky Top are going to let you know about it.

Here is the interview. Enjoy!