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Chomping at Bits: Talking Tennessee Vols, tight ends, Jimmy Buffett and Dwayne Wade

Chomping at Bits is back, with the promised snark this go-around as we talk about the Tennessee game last night, Gators in the NFL, a Jimmy Buffett concert and Dwayne Wade giving himself his own nickname.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

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Gators get out-muscled: As some of us figured, the game was close. And what do the Gators do in close games, they lose. Tennessee laid the smackdown on the Gators last night in a performance that shows just exactly why the Gators won't be cutting down the nets in early April. (Incipient_Senescence, Rocky Top Talk)

Frazier II, Yeguete back soon: Andy already pretty much covered this already, but yeah, apparently concussions take a week to heal and is there really a difference in the severity of a concussion? You either hurt or brain or you don't. I guess it's kind of like, how the individual persons body can recover from it. (Michael DiRocco, ESPN)

Tight End U? The Gators have always been known for producing wide receiver talent. Just to name a few over the years, Wes Chandler, Chris Collinsworth, Darrell Jackson, Ike Hilliard and Percy Harvin just to name a few. They've somewhat been known for producing good but not great quarterbacks (Rex Grossman, Steve Spurrier, Shane Matthews, John Reaves and Tim Tebow to name some of them). But has anyone ever really thought about the tight ends? (GC Staff, GatorCountry)

Kelvin Taylor's impact: This guy thinks that Taylor could be the missing piece for the Gators' SEC title chase. I'm somewhat sceptical because of his size, thinking that he's going to end up being just a change of pace running back. I hope I'm wrong, but the Gators need big backs to compete in the SEC. (Daniel Ellington, Rant Sports)

Will Muschamp's speaking tour: Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, y'all should know the drill by now. (Robbie Andreu, Robbie's Playbook/GatorSports)

Bad start for Gators baseball: It's all the relievers' fault, right? Well, they are struggling, but then again it's not like that they were expected to dominate everyone from the word 'go' either. (Adam Pincus, Independent Florida Alligator)

Sports betting arrives in New Jersey: Ever been to a casino in New Jersey, Mississippi or North Carolina only to find out that there is no sportsbook? Well, that's because sports betting is only legal in Nevada and a few other states. But now it's legal online in New Jersey, thanks to Governor Chris Christie. For some comparison, last week the Governor of Nevada did the same thing. (NJBIZ Staff, (Wall Street Journal)

Jimmy Buffett: For those who are fellow Parrotheads or Parakeets (as some of the older Buffett fans call us who are under the age of thirty), I'll be in Nashville on April 27th for the Buffett concert at the Bridgestone arena. If you want to meet up before or after the concert and talk a little Gators, just shoot me an email at or send me a message on Twitter @AA_FlaGators.

Dwyane Wade: So apparently, Dwyane Wade nicknamed himself 'WOW' a few days ago. It stands for "Way out West" or "Wade of Way" or something like that. First off, self-appointed nicknames don't count. It's dumb to do so and it just seems to mean less. The worst thing about all this for me personally is that LeBron James hates it (not so much the fact that he gave it to himself, as LeBron gave himself the nickname "King," but rather because the nickname of 'WOW' is stupid). I don't like agreeing with LeBron. At all. Also, now that we're on this subject, Kobe Bryant nicknamed himself "Black Mamba," and that doesn't count either. Just another reason why the best player of this generation has been and will always be Paul "The Truth" Pierce. And, by the way, he was given that fantastic nickname by Shaquille O'Neal in early 2001.

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