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The AA Review: Adam Allen recaps Florida's loss to Tennessee

Adam talks about the Tennessee game, the upcoming Alabama game, and the Gators' NCAA Tournament outlook.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have heard, the Gators had a major setback on Tuesday, when they took a trip to Knoxville and got knocked off by underdog Tennessee.

In any case, Adam Allen was gracious enough to join me for another episode of the AA Review. In this edition, we discuss the Gators' outnumbered team getting worn down in the second half, the quiet big nights by Mike Rosario and Patric Young, and the Gators' dwindling shot to earn a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Adam's response about the NCAA Tournament was certainly an optimistic one, though I don't disagree:

"If Florida wins every game on its schedule — that includes Alabama, Vanderbilt, at Kentucky, and the SEC Tournament in Nashville — then they could sneak in. This means they would be both the SEC regular season and tournament champions, and with our schedule, it's hard to overlook that."

In addition, we remember what happened the last time the Alabama Crimson Tide came to Gainesville for a basketball game. Florida dominated the second half, 48-21, and Allen got to dribble the clock out. But that was then, and this is a new game. Allen's key for this game is simple:

"To me, the key is just staying focused, and doing what we know how to do. We have to settle in on defense, and not make stupid mistakes, and we'll be fine."

Listen to the entire interview by clicking play.