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Chomping at Bits: Billy Donovan "hopeful" Will Yeguete will play vs. Alabama

Will Yeguete is cleared for Thursday practice. And Billy Donovan's hopeful that he'll be available on Saturday against Alabama.


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Billy Donovan "hopeful" Will Yeguete will play Saturday: Returning to practice isn't a guarantee that he'll be ready to play, apparently. (Jeff Goodman, CBS Sports)

Brandon Siler prepping for law school: But he's still an NFL player. (Scott Carter, Carter's Corner | GatorZone)

What impact will Florida's 2013 recruiting class have? (Robbie Andreu, Robbie's Playbook | The Gainesville Sun)

Florida not among College GameDay spring stops: Three SEC schools (Alabama, LSU, and Texas A&M) are ... and so is Louisville. (Mike Rutherford, Card Chronicle)

Gators baseball needs to grow up: It'll be a long season with or without a dollop of freshman maturation. (Teddy Foster, Only Gators)

Florida slips in power rankings: The Gators are now closer to Saint Louis than the top spot. (Luke Winn,

How Legends of the Hidden Temple broke its contestants: The comments are also essential. (Jon Bois, SB Nation)

Has the Baseball Prospectus changed? When stats go mainstream, are they still dangerous? (Will Leitch, Sports on Earth)

Deadspin's Tommy Craggs incinerates a bad interviewer: Ask a stupid question too many times, get that stupid question turned around many times. (Manny Randhawa, National Sports Journalism Center)

Soccer-style NL East jerseys: Now I really want a Gators soccer jersey. (Mark Willis)

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