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Patric Young injury: Shoulder and arm fine, popped bursa sac in elbow worrisome

Patric Young favored his shoulder after a hard foul on Saturday. But another injury to his elbow is more worrisome.


The good injury news about Patric Young comes first: The hard foul that he received from Reginald Buckner late in Florida's 78-64 win over Mississippi on Saturday, which led to Young favoring his shoulder as he walked slowly down the court, has apparently left no lasting impacts, as Young was back at practice with full use of his shoulder on Sunday.

But it's the thing that Chris Harry reports as an afterthought that I find interesting:

At first, the sequence looked pretty bad for Young, who last week popped a burso sack in his elbow and dealt with some temporary discomfort there, too.

Harry means bursa sac, surely — there's no such thing as a burso sac, much less a burso sack. But if Young's having them pop in his elbow, that can be a sign of bursitis, which can be chronic.

Bursa sacs are small, fluid-filled sacs that serve as cushions between bones and tendons or muscles, and you have plenty of them, naturally, around many of your joints, like your elbow and knee. But there's a type of bursa sac that can develop on its own, an adventitious bursa, and those can be precursors to bursitis and painful on their own.

It's a promising sign that Young popping a bursa sac wasn't a big enough deal within the program to be reported when it first happened, but, because the development of adventitious bursae can be symptomatic of worse things, it's worth keeping an eye on going forward.