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National Signing Day: Georgia falling flat, Gators recruits send in National Letters of Intent

The Gators received letters of intent from every single recruit but Jay-nard Bostwick. On the flip side, Georgia is taking a beating in the home stretch of the 2013 recruiting class marathon.

Kelvin Taylor is one of Muschamp's jewels of the 2013 class.
Kelvin Taylor is one of Muschamp's jewels of the 2013 class.

The Gators are having a lackluster National Signing Day, but when you lock up recruits early and then hold onto them, that's what you get, and there's nothing wrong with a stress-free signing day.

That said, nothing is official until that fax machine buzzes with the recruit's letter of intent, and (as of 11:35am) aside from Jay-nard Bostwick, every single Gator recruit has sent his in. Again, that's not a surprise, but it's nice to have an official word.

While the news today has been positive for the Gators, it's not so positive for the Georgia Bulldogs (and, of course, bad news for Georgia is good news for Florida), who have seen their class ranking drop from No. 8 to No. 10. The Dawgs lost out on several top recruits this morning, and while it's still early, it's not looking good for UGA. Missing out on Laremy Tunsil was a major blow for the Dawgs, who were looking to boost their offensive line.

In other news, here is the list of players who have committed since 9:45 a.m. today.

  • Vonn Bell (Rossville GA), safety: Ohio State, over Tennessee.
  • Jordan Cunningham (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), wide receiver: Vanderbilt, over Stanford
  • Antonio Connor (Batesville, MS), safety: Ole Miss, over Alabama
  • Stacy Coley (Oakland Park, FL), wide receiver: Miami (FL), over Florida State
  • Mackensie Alexander (Immokalee, FL), cornerback: Clemson, over half the western world
  • There are still seven recruits ranked in the ESPNU 150 who will be making their decisions before 4:00 p.m. Eastern, but the Gators' biggest stake in the rest of the day is probably rooting against their traditional rivals (Georgia, Tennessee, Florida State) and hoping the big fish land elsewhere. Root for the top kids to keep picking Ole Miss, Clemson, and even Ohio State, because that means our rivals don't get them and we don't have to deal with them.

    Again, though, this is what happens when you lock up your commits early and hold onto them. And don't let the Gators' lack of media attention on this day tell you otherwise: That's a great thing.