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Chomping at Bits: Billy Donovan to coach U.S. Under-19 team at 2013 World Championships

Florida has one of the best basketball coaches in the world, and the U.S. has picked Billy Donovan to lead his country against the rest of the world. Again.

Wesley Hitt

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Billy Donovan tabbed to coach U.S. U19 team in 2013 World Championships: This comes a year after Donovan coached the U18 team to victory(GatorZone)

Florida tops SEC Power Poll unanimously: And I didn't even vote in it! (Gamecock Man, Garnet And Black Attack)

Demarcus Robinson's "high imagination potential": This is apparently how Brian White describes elusiveness. (Scott Carter, Carter's Corner | GatorZone)

Chandler Parsons gets done dirty by Blake Griffin, puts him on blast: As bros go, Chandler's about the best. (Ricky O'Donnell, SB Nation)

Darnell Dockett gets done very, very dirty by Chris Rix, responds by out-jerking him: Florida State: Where these two allegedly respectable members of society earned degrees, maybe. I'm not checking. (Brian Floyd, SB Nation)

Texas Tech fans fax Tommy Tuberville a menu: This would be a kind gesture, except it was the menu to the restaurant Tuberville was at when he ducked out on recruits to become Cincinnati's coach. (Seth C, Viva the Matadors)

Al Golden whines about people whining about his recruiting: Here are three hints as to why Miami is criticized when it fails to recruit Miami-Dade and Broward, and Florida and Florida State aren't: 1) Miami is in Miami-Dade County's name, right there, you see it, I'm sure; 2) Miami once had a coach talk about the "State of Miami," and both Florida and Florida State mined more from it this year; 3) hush, Al, you're embarrassing yourself. (Chris Vannini, Coaching Search)

Richard Deitsch, John Koblin offer to debate Skip Bayless: I would pay to see this except it would break my personal commandment to never pay to be exposed to Skip Bayless. (Richard Deitsch)

Jason Whitlock is his own worst case for Pulitzer consideration: It is stunning that a guy who is as good at writing as Whitlock is so concerned with making sure his good writing never receives its due. (Tomas Rios, The Classical)

Thanking Brendon Ayanbadejo: Gestures of tolerance like his go a long, long way with some who are not used to being tolerated. (Chuck Culpepper, Sports on Earth)

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