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Chomping at Bits: Has Florida basketball been unlucky?

Florida's performance in close road game situations has been dreadful. But is losing every single road test something Gators fans should expect?

Andy Lyons

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Florida's road records may be more bad luck than you think: This is an exceptionally sound, if frustrating, piece of reasoning. (Jeff, Basketball Predictions)

Erik Murphy records second double-double: We get down on Patric Young for not rebounding like a machine, but Murphy has two double-doubles in four years. (Kevin Brockway, The Gainesville Sun)

The making of Billy Donovan's UPS commercial: I will like this commercial until people start complaining that it distracted Donovan or something, which will be silly and dumb. (Chris Harry, Harry Fodder | GatorZone)

UF still among great public schools: Don't believe me? Just read this list from a site that generates all sorts of seemingly unfocused content! (Justin Douglas, PolicyMic)

The Kentucky take on yesterday: Lots of happiness over there. You will be mad if you read the comments. (Glenn Logan, A Sea of Blue)

Kentucky still has work to do: A win over the SEC champions can't save Kentucky if the 'Cats lose in the first round of the SEC Tournament. (Gary Parrish, CBS Sports)

But Kentucky would be in right now: Sigh. (Jeff Borzello, CBS Sports)

Desperation leads to rapid Wildcat maturity: This is the sort of story you read when a good team bucks up and gets calls at home against a better team. (Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News)

Texas' Sword of Kearney: Just a hint, Texas: Don't conduct business in a way that requires burying bodies, and then don't fire people who know where the bodies are buried. (Wescott Eberts, Burnt Orange Nation)

Who wins when writers don't get paid? The writers who do get paid, and the people who otherwise don't pay them. (Cord Jefferson, Gawker)

Florida-Kentucky highlights: More like sighlights.

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