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Florida football spring practice 2013: What do you want from the Gators, and us?

Help us help you.


Florida opens spring practice today, and there are plenty of questions to be answered. What are the major differences between the 2012 Gators and the 2013 Gators? Can Jeff Driskel lead Florida to an SEC Championship Game and into national title contention? Will the Florida passing game become a force?

Let's be frank: Chances are, we're not going to get great answers for these questions until the fall, and it's also very likely that even the dribs and drabs of information we'll get from closed practices, and the two open practices this weekend, will be only minimally valuable. Kelvin Taylor looking good in shorts does should not be cause for jubilation; Brian Poole struggling on one day of practice in March shouldn't be cause for doom and gloom.

But what we can do is outline the things we as a fan base want from this team, and what I can do here is figure out what kind of coverage you want in the offseason, so as to better plan our trek through the hinterlands of baseball and lacrosse season. (No personal offense meant, baseball and lacrosse, but fewer people care about you like they care about Florida football.)

So let us know in the comments what you want. Nothing's off-topic, nothing's off-limits, and every suggestion is welcome.