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The AA Review: Adam Allen recaps Florida's efforts against Vanderbilt, Kentucky

Adam Allen speaks with me about his thoughts on the Vanderbilt and Kentucky games, and also gives a quick preview of the SEC Tournament


Since the last time Adam Allen and I talked, the Gators have beaten Vanderbilt, and lost to Kentucky.

In the process, the Gators wrapped up the No. 1 seed in the SEC Tournament. That's why neither of us were particularly worried about the Gators' most recent late-game choke job against the Wildcats, even though it's a movie we've all seen one too many times and like the ending less and less each time.

In this episode, Adam and I break down the nerves in the first half against Vanderbilt, the improved intensity in the second half, and the special night enjoyed by the seniors; go over the aforementioned latest collapse against the Wildcats; and preview the Gators' path through the SEC Tourney.

Despite the Gators' late season collapse, Adam has a very positive outlook for the SEC Tournament: "I think Florida's going to show up, and I think they'll get another shot at Kentucky in the championship game, and I'll say they beat them by 10."