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Nike debuts In All Kinds of Weather Florida Gators shirt

Normally, I wouldn't be posting about a Nike shirt. This one's special.

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We've been using "In all kinds of weather" and #InAllKindsOfWeather as catch-all "Keep the faith"-style phrases around here and on Twitter since at least Florida's loss to FSU in 2011, and I'm very proud of the purchase we've gotten with that phrase in the last year-plus: It resonates for a reason. That's why I'm also proud to inform you that there is now an #InAllKindsOfWeather shirt available from Nike.

It's only available for now at the online Nike Store and in the University of Florida Bookstore, and it's not cheap, at $28. (Nike charges $8 for shipping of orders under $100, but you can get free in-store pick-up at the UF Bookstore.) But I've already ordered mine, and I will wear it proudly — and not just because the phrase, which is one of many on #NikeRoar shirts, coming from one of our readers.

Also, it's way better than a few of the #NikeRoar shirts available for various schools: Ohio State's is a smarmy "THE," Duke has "DUKE IT OUT" for some reason, and Kentucky's is "GR8NESS STARTS HERE," which is awful. But most of the shirts are great: Miami's "FULL SPEED AHEAD" doubles as a cocaine reference, Gonzaga gets "SHORT SHORTS STARTED HERE," a reference to John Stockton, Syracuse has "WE WANT TACOS" for some reason, and North Carolina has the cool "CHAPEL THRILL." Florida's is also one of just three tri-color shirts, possibly because it's the longest phrase on a shirt.

I promise I'm not getting any kickback from informing you of this shirt's availability, and I can tell you we'll work on getting our own #InAllKindsOfWeather shirts together at some point this summer for when these inevitably sell out, but I figured y'all might want to know about it.