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Chomping at Bits: Knee injury scare preceded Erik Murphy's career game

Florida got 27 and 12 from Erik Murphy on Friday. On Wednesday, briefly, no one knew if Murphy was ever going to suit up for the Gators again.

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Erik Murphy has injury scare before career game: Murphy, this year, has a) played through the flu and gone 10-for-10 b) played through a fractured rib and won the Orange Bowl Classic MVP c) played after a mysterious knee tweak and put up career highs in points and rebounds. Normally, I wouldn't advocate hurting anyone, much less a Gator. But... (Scott Carter, GatorZone | Chris Dortch, SEC Network)

Sharrif Floyd now No. 1 in one NFL Draft mock: This is insane. (Bucky Brooks,

Josh Evans explains the blonde streak in his hair: Getting a blonde tuft to stand out is genius. (Josh Evans, Only Gators)

Kenny Boynton, hard to defend: I liked this examination of Kenny's career. (Edgar Thompson, Orlando Sentinel)

Florida's SEC dominance remains ridiculous: And it has the potential to get more ridiculous, with the three teams remaining in the SEC Tournament all being Florida victims. (John Gasaway, Basketball Prospectus)

How Synergy is revamping college basketball: I may pony up and buy a Synergy subscription in the near future. (Ray Glier, USA TODAY Sports)

Where would you start the next great college football program? I think the answer is North Carolina, with significant in-roads in Florida. (Jason Kirk, SB Nation)

Looking back at Florida-Miami 2003: Also: DAMMIT. (Run Home Jack, EDSBS)

Why did Earl Badu take his own life? Haunting stuff, this. (Michael Graff, SB Nation)

You can get Taco Bell and McDonald's delivered in Gainesville: What a world. (Alex Harris, The Independent Florida Alligator)

How to discuss politics civilly: This is a good article. (Alan Henry, Lifehacker)

Condoleeza Rice helping Stanford recruit: And now you see why I link the above.(Jana Persky, Stanford Daily)

Writing for free to correct an imbalance: Not sure if you've seen the fortnight of discussion about writing for free on the Internet beyond links I've used here, but this is one of the best takes yet. (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Florida-LSU highlights: Including the fantastic buzzer-beater at the end of the first half.

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