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Join the Alligator Army Bracket Pool and win fabulous prizes

Want an easy way to get your hands on some cheap Gators merchandise? Hop in the pool.

Andy Lyons

I mentioned the other day that we would, in fact, have an NCAA Tournament bracket competition for you to participate in. And now we do, though lawyers far smarter than I am have suggested we name it the 2013 Alligator Army Bracket Pool Contest.

There are Official Rules, and you should read them, because you need to know what you're getting into, but here's the quick rundown.


  • The contest began today at noon Eastern and runs through noon Eastern on Thursday, so you have to get your bracket in before play starts on Thursday, essentially.
  • You have to be a registered user of Alligator Army to win. This shouldn't be an issue for most of you, but if you get friends to enter — and, by all means, please do that — get them to register for Alligator Army, too (it's quick and painless), so they can actually win.
  • You need to join the Alligator Army Bracket Pool on Yahoo!, using Group ID# 164957 and password thirdtime to be eligible for the contest.
  • We're using standard Yahoo! scoring, so you get one point for each round of 64 winner, two points for each round of 32 winner, and so on.
  • Prizes

  • In the interest of giving you chances to get that In All Kinds of Weather shirt for cheap, the Grand Prize is a $50 gift certificate (delivered online) to the Gator Locker Room. There are also three First Prizes of $10 gift certificates to the Gator Locker Room. There are thousands of items in that store, but, notably, that shirt is in there.
  • I'll check the results on the day after the NCAA final, announce them here, and email the winners, at which point the winners will have three days to claim their prizes. I'll probably provide scoring updates after each round, too.
  • All that said: Read the Offical Rules, join the Yahoo! group, fill out your brackets, let me know in the comments if you have any questions or issues, and, most of all, happy picking! I intend to beat all of you, even though I'm not eligible for the prizes, which will give me significant bragging rights that, I think we can agree, are way more valuable than a shirt.