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Video, GIFs: Florida Gators celebrate Sweet Sixteen berth with dance party

There was some merriment in the Florida locker room after the Gators' win over Minnesota.

Florida's locker room celebration videos have been treats all season. The Gators know how to get down and enjoy a win, and their dance party to "Rapper's Delight" above certainly isn't any different: Patric Young dances sans music at the beginning, then pulls the rope; Will Yegeuete does a thing that resembles dancing; DeVon Walker does the heartbeat bit; Mike Rosario does ... a Mike Rosario dance.

But I sure as hell didn't know that Billy Donovan could dance! Here's my new favorite GIF:

Here's Mike's ... thing. (Pay special attention to Kenny Boynton's reaction, and also note that notoriously Pepsi-sponsored Florida athletes are drinking Coke-produced Powerade.)

Here's Walker's heartbeat move:

Here's Pat's rope pull:

And here's Will, um ... well, here's Will.

But the most important thing from the video is Donovan's speech to his players.

Obviously, we didn't come out like we needed to, for whatever reason, okay? Had some bad plays. But you guys finally stepped up, and answered the bell when it got crunch time. By getting stops — you played with a rage, you played harder.

I'm proud of ya. First step's done? Now it's next step. Next step right now, okay?

Those are the words of a coach who has been to that next step a few times, and one who wants to take them again.

Lemme know if you want any other GIFs from this or other things of recent vintage, and I'll see what I can do.